Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School and Aleister Wit

Tuesday was Aleister's first day of school. This was something he has been excited about for a LONG time and it was probably also the final inspiration to complete his potty training.

Finally, the day had arrived and I had prepared him with all the appropriate accoutrements for the occasion as well.

Aleister has a nightlight in his room that doubles as an awake/asleep trainer. I know I've written about this device before (probably more than two years ago) but I cannot stop raving about the genius of it. Aleister used to wake up SUPER early (we're talking 4-5am) and it used to be a real problem. Well, after a few weeks of 'training' with this light, he finally got it and I was once again in charge of what time he got up. Essentially, you program a time for it to wake up and it lights up a big sun. You also program a time for bedtime and it lights up a big moon which stays lit (as a nightlight) until the sun comes on. See....genius!

Anyway, Aleister's normal 'sun' time has been 7:15am but often during the summer he would sleep late, sometimes even until 8am (BLISS!). Since we live out in the country and at one end of our county (the opposite end of the county seat) we have quite the commute to get to Aleister's school. About 20-25 minutes to be exact. School starts at 7:30am for these little guys (does anyone else think that's crazy early for 4 year olds?), so I like to be on the road by 6:50.

I changed the program on Aleister's light to start the sun at 6:30am. Monday morning (after I had cleverly laid out everything the night before) I let him sleep as long as I could and went in to wake him up at 6:40. I said his name a few times and he mumbled something to the effect of  "What IS it mom? I'm trying to sleep". I told him it was time to get up and get ready for school and he looked at me, then looked at his light (clearly showing the sun now) and said "Mom, I think my light is broken, the sun is on but it's still bedtime". There were several more statements about it still being bedtime and the light being broken before I had convinced him that it was just a bit earlier than normal. Finally convinced, we gathered up all the accessories needed for a first day at Pre-Kindergarten (bookbag, folder, lunchbox, nametag etc. ) and opened the door to head out. Aleister took one look at the dark, dreary, rainy sky and turned to me and exclaimed "SEE, it IS still night time!!" Oh boy...

In the end, we made it on time and without too many complaints along the way and Aleister seemed to have a good time. He did mention that he was a bit dissapointed in a few things. One being that he didn't get to go out on the playground (it had rained all day) and another that he didn't get to make any 'art' (something he has been really looking forward to). I assured him that it was only the first day and I'm sure his expectations would be met soon enough.

I asked him if he had made any friends in school and he said he had made a few. I asked if the kids in his class were nice and he remarked that most of them were very friendly. He also said that there was one girl who was not, she apparently kept talking about monsters and being scary. Not to worry though, Aleister told me that he told her it was much better to be friendly like him and then she was. Ha! That's my boy alright.

There has been a lot of wit about lately where Aleister is concerned, and I frequently forget to document it, or it goes up on Facebook and gets lost. One of the more recent revelations has been the addition to our family of 'Pantry'. No, this is not an imaginary friend....err, mostly not. This is the name that has been given by Aleister to his stomach.

Here is how it started, one Saturday morning we were on our way to breakfast and Bo made a comment about how hungry his stomach 'Pedro' was. It was just a quick nothing to get Aleister to laugh, he had no idea what he would start with this little fun statement. Well, Aleister decided that he needed to name his own stomach as well. He came up with 'Pantry' all on his own...which I personally think is brillant! I know, I know, I'm biased, but still...come on - he named his stomach after the place which holds the things his stomach will eventually be digesting?!? He's clearly a wit genius! Haha!

All that was cute until Pantry started making demands and having strong emotions. Suddenly I find myself getting aggravated that I have to argue with my son who is talking in third person to emote the feelings of one of his body parts! "But mommmmm, Pantry really wants a sucker and he gets so sad when you won't give him one". "You hurt Pantry's feelings when you say we can't go out to eat". Etc., etc. ad nauseum.'s time to make the trek to pick up the kiddo from school so I'll end this post here, but will hopefully be back with more of his antics soon.


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Hope he had a great first day:)

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I love it all !